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Pints and Ponies

Luxury Event Trailers and Bartenders 

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Jessica, NC

“ I was pleased to be informed they helped even with the set-up of our reception, while also staying til the lights were off. Beautiful trailer & the service was awesome! Have been recommending to my friends & recommended to you!"

Ryan, MI

 "Not only did they provide a great service bartending at our wedding, but they interacted with the guests and made a lasting impact on our special day. They were very punctual, on-time, friendly, and professional."

Isadora, MI

"Came very prepared and never left a drink empty. Trailer was beautiful and echoed our party theme beautifully. Was actually a 40th birthday (not a wedding)."


Pints and Ponies is an idea spurred from a family's love of all things horses and our horse-loving daughter's wedding in 2019. Inevitably, the wedding required an abundance of horse themed paraphernalia, but there was very little to be found for serving drinks. After lots of brainstorming, and a few drinks of our own, Pints and Ponies was born!  Like our passion for horses, we have poured time and love into the thought and construction of the Pints & Ponies Party Trailer. Built to provide a maximum event enhancement, we provide a quirky and distinctive center for socialization. Your event is unique, so we’ll work with you to make sure it's the talk of the town!

Let Pints and Ponies help you provide a one of a kind event experience!

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